Parking Lot Asphalt Needs Crack Sealing to Protect it from Harsh Toronto Weather

Parking lot asphalt needs crack sealing to protect it from the wet weather of Toronto. As water seeps through the pavement and settles underneath, the asphalt begins to deteriorate. This causes all sorts of vehicular safety hazards, including deep potholes and cracks that can spread.
Unsealed asphalt parking lots allow moisture to penetrate the surface of the pavement. Crack sealing is a preventative measure that reduces the damage that water, sunlight, chemicals, and salt may cause. Crack sealant also prevents discolouration of the asphalt, which will improve the look of your business and improve property value.
Crack sealing is especially helpful for extending the life of older parking lots. The investment of pennies per square meter can save you from much larger expenditures in the future. Parking lot asphalt crack sealing will keep your Toronto parking lot dry, safe, and eye-catching.
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Parking Lot Asphalt

Parking lots go through a lot all year round– especially challenging is Toronto parking lots as weather in the GTA is always changing. Toronto experiences four seasons throughout the year and crack sealing your parking lot will protect it from the elements that each season brings.

  • Spring – On tops of the frequent rains, the run-off from melting snow, ice, and frost causes a lot of moisture. This moisture accumulates underneath the surface of parking lot pavement, causing cracks to form or existing cracks to deepen. Crack sealing helps keep moisture from reaching the base of your pavement and deteriorating its structural integrity.
  • Summer – Harsh ultra-violet light from the summer sun can cause your asphalt to break down and discolour if not coated with a slurry seal. Crack Sealing can help seal any cracks formed from this deterioration before you apply a sealcoat, slowing down the damage.
  • Fall – As falling leaves begin to accumulate on your parking lot, they may block proper drainage to your catch basin. This may leave water puddling and eroding your pavement surface, thus leading to cracks. Ensuring your catch basin is in good repair and that the asphalt is properly graded towards it will help ensure this doesn't happen.
  • Winter – With all the freeze and thaw cycles in Toronto winters, the asphalt is frequently expanding and contracting, creating larger cracks as it pulls itself apart. Quality crack sealing will help keep cracks together, expanding with the asphalt as it moves and thus preventing potholes. 

Parking lot asphalt crack sealing is the best way to extend the life of your Toronto parking lot all year long no matter what elements are thrown its way. In order to get the best results, research into what the best crack sealing methods are, and find a contractor with years of experience and who offers warranty. With over 25 years of experience, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc only uses proven methods and the best quality equipment and materials. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your crack sealing project.



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